• Medientyp: Buch
  • Titel: Sensory arts and design
  • Beteiligte: Heywood, Ian [Herausgeber/In]
  • Erschienen: London ; Oxford ; New York ; New Delhi ; Sydney : Bloomsbury Academic, 2017
  • Erschienen in: Sensory studies series
  • Umfang: xv, 258 Seiten : Illustrationen
  • Sprache: Englisch
  • ISBN: 9781474280198; 1474280196; 1474280218; 9781474280211
  • RVK-Notation: LH 79540 : Theorie, Methode (Computereinsatz, Bez. zu Management, Urheberschutz)
    LH 61080 : Kunstpsychologie und Künstlerpsychologie
  • Schlagwörter: Kunst > Kultur > Industriedesign > Psychologie > Wahrnehmung
  • Beschreibung: Machine generated contents note: -- List of Illustrations -- Notes on Contributors Introduction -- Ian Heywood, LICA, Lancaster University, UK Part I: Sensory Arts and Design, New Technologies and the Urban Environment Shadowplay: Liberation and Exhilaration in Cities at Night -- Nick Dunn, LICA, Lancaster University, UK -- The Role of Playfulness ans Sensory Experiences in Design for Public Health and for Ageing Well -- Emmanuel Tsekleves, Imagination Lancaster, Lancaster University, UK and Andy Darby, LICA, Lancaster University, UK Can We Give Ourselves Extra Senses? Exploring Sensory Augmentation -- Naomi Jacobs, LICA, Lancaster University, UK, and Jonny Huck, Manchester University, UK -- Sonifying Memory: Creative Approaches to Representing Socially Constructed Soundscapes -- Linda O'Keeffe, LICA, Lancaster University, UK Part II: The Range of Sensory Arts and Design: Extensions, Realizations and Capacities -- ^

    Scented Colours: The Role of Olfaction in Futurism and Olfactory (Re-)constructions -- Caro Verbeek, Royal Academy of Arts in The Hague and Rijksmuseum, the Netherlands -- Museums of Good Taste, Artworks of Good Taste: Gastronomic Contemporary Art -- Mark Clintberg, Alberta College of Art and Design, Canada The 2015 Chicago Architecture Biennial: The State of Sensory Design -- Joy Malnar, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA Music: Seeing and Feeling With the Ears -- Alan Marsden and Richard Leadbeater, LICA, Lancaster University UK Part III: Vision, Touch and Technologies of Sense -- Art Spectatorship and the Senses: An Eye Movement Analysis Exploring the Experience of Viewing Paintings and Reproductions -- Beth Harland, LICA, Lancaster University, UK and Nick Donnelly, University of Southampton, UK -- Sensing Atoms and Bits -- Paul Coulton, Imagination Lancaster, Lancaster University, UK Drawn Away from Vision: Encounters with the Unseen -- ^

    Sarah Casey and Gerry Davies, LICA, Lancaster University, UK From Impressionism to Opticality: An Episode in the Sensory History of Art -- Ian Heywood, LICA, Lancaster University, UK A Choreography of the Senses: The Painter's Studio -- Pip Dickens, LICA, Lancaster University, UK Index

    "Artists, designers and researchers are increasingly seeking new ways to understand and explore the creative and practical significance of the senses. This ground-breaking book brings art and design into the field of sensory studies for the first time, providing a clear introduction to the field and outlining important developments and new directions. A compelling exploration of both theory and practice, Sensory Arts and Design brings together a wide variety of examples from contemporary art and design which share a sensory dimension in their development or user experience. Divided into three parts, the book examines the design applications of new technology with sensing capacities; the role of the senses in creating new imaginative environments; and the significance of the senses within different cultural practices. The thirteen chapters cover a highly diverse range of issues - from urban landscapes, soundscapes and cities at night, to 'immersive' sensory artworks, multisensory perception in painting, and the relationship between vision and smell. Written by a team of experts primarily based at the Lancaster Institute for Creative Arts (LICA) - widely recognized as a center of research excellence - this timely book is destined to make a significant contribution to the scholarly development of this emerging field. An important read for students and scholars in sensory studies, design, art, and visual culture"--


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